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Angela F .

Houston, TX

Size is so over-rated!!

I have a 27…yes !! 27 year old daughter the size of a 12 year old . She is multi-handicapped, totally blind (born with no eyes) and has cognitive and developmental delays. She had an accident in 2007, which was a disaster for her, currently we are trying to stop her muscles from atrophying. We have extreme difficulty… getting doctors to see her (because of her size/age) as well as the doctors wanting to run unnecessary test on her. The insurance she currently has could careless about her…she is complicated; so she is what they would call a… “burden” on the system. They consistently deny services; only for me to file for a State Fair Hearing and win at the hearing (over 40 times) but the time waiting for the hearing destroys any and all progress we made with the services she is receiving. They also deny services they authorized…by saying “Just because you have an auth number doesn’t guarantee payment”,
I just think that healthcare should be about “WHAT IS IN THE PATIENT’S BEST INTEREST”. If the doctor believes that it would improve the patient’s life, or SAVE A LIFE, I think the insurance should provide the services without putting the patient, patient’s family, caregiver, therapist, doctors, hospitals…ect…. through stressful anxiety.