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Evelyn P .

Houston, TX

Thank you for your service!

So true Dr. Arnold. Do you all want to hear the worst of it? Military children spouses and even service member are dying because lack of doctors and hospitals accepting military insurance. Also if the military child or spouse is on military insurance plus Medicare that is more of a death sentence. In South Texas alone there are only a single handful of listed Doctors will support our troops by taking care and accepting this insurance or both insurances. Sadly to say when you contact these Doctors that are on this list you come to find out they dropped the insurances. So a child or adult might die in the process of waiting to get care. At this time there is a 8 to 12 month waiting period for services. Thank God for Texas Children’s Hospital! They were the only ones that pulled though in the whole South Texas to help my twins who are special needs medically and for this I am ever so grateful ! We only wish the psychology department wasn’t tied up. We understand though however our children are without medication and are suffering for this ! We are so scared of the stress it is putting on the smaller twin being she is so ill . No one will help our military families in a reasonable time. Sometimes it hurts to hear people and Doctors say thank you for your service to our country and yet they won’t really support us for taking care of our service members and their families it so sad. I just hope next time my child fights for her life they don’t tell me or my husband if she only wasn’t put throw so much stress like having no medication she could had lived. This is a simple fix! To help some of their medical problems. I feel like there is no hope and I have to keep watching my children deteriorate . However my husband a wounded warrior will still and always fight for everybody freedom . Please I beg don’t forget us.