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Atlanta, GA


What is there to say about Liam? I think the picture says a lot! He is a leader of shenanigans. He’s always ready for a game of “get you” or wrestling. He’s smart, funny, gifted, and very intelligent. He loves his family and having fun! He has had a challenging time in the public school system because Liam is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Hypothyroidism and PDD-NOS. Intellectually he has the ability to learn like his peers, but his disorders make it very difficult for Liam to regulate himself. He becomes over stimulated, and has behavioral issues because of it. It has been recommended by physicians, developmental pediatricians, and numerous specialists that Liam receive intensive ABA therapy. Applied Behavioral Analysis is an intensive, one on one instruction/ behavioral therapy that would teach Liam how to better regulate himself, and eventually he would mainstream back into a typical classroom. This therapy is crucial for Liam’s success.

ABA is very expensive– between $40,000-$70,000 per year depending on a child’s circumstances and needs. Liam’s therapy is falling in the $46,000 dollar range. We have wrote for a scholarships and grants, but neither worked out. We carry private insurance– but ABA was excluded from our policy. We are currently in debt of about $10,000 to his school where he receives this therapy. We are working many avenues trying to make this need a reality for him– the local school district, insurance appeals, personal debt, fundraisers, etc. As parents, we feel an enormous responsibility to provide our child’s needs, and when we can’t– it’s frustrating, overwhelming, and on a bad day, heartbreaking. But, we push on, and we won’t give up. That’s what life is about for us– advocating, trying, trying again, refocusing, and remembering why we are here, why we’re working so hard– Liam.