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Lillian P .

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Hospital: Children’s Specialized Hospital, Mountainside, NJ

Lily Putney was born happy, healthy, and developmentally normal in 1998 in Yokosuka, Japan where her father was stationed with the U.S. Navy. Everything changed when Lily was 15 months old; she was hospitalized for a series of seizures, and eventually diagnosed with “presumed viral encephalitis” (an inflammation of the brain), seizure disorder, developmental delay and cerebral palsy. After a decade of moves, her parents finally settled back in their hometown of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, in 2010, where Lily has enjoyed the therapeutic services of Children’s Specialized Hospital. Now 14, Lily has many physical and medical challenges; she is non-verbal and non-ambulatory, but has been improving her communication through the use of an iPad. While the family is covered under TRICARE Standard, Lily’s care is supplemented by Medicaid through the Community Resources for People with Disabilities waiver, ensuring that Lily has access to excellent care, including treatments and supplies not covered by TRICARE.



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